On the occasion of 50 years of continuous work of the trade MORSKO BLAGO, we are celebrating together with our customers by giving a 50% discount on Morčić new designs made of surgical steel, enamel and red coral.

Production and sale of bijouterie and jewelry made of and with raw sea materials: sea shells, sponges, pearl oysters, turtles, pearls, corals...

Due to its sophisticated rigidity, with which it has always been interpretating the inclination of good taste and fashion in the jewelry sector, MORSKO BLAGO is eloquent and respected. Our production reflects ever new lines and styles of the modern, as well as the translucence and gentility of the classical. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, broaches, rings, pendants, morcici... are united in the realization of top quality and choice materials, a limitless imagination, essential lines which accentuate the emotions of original elegance.